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Paul Henderson was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff & Public Safety Director by the Mayor of the City of San Francisco, Edwin M. Lee, in March, 2011. As Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Henderson serves as a principal advisor to the Mayor and is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic policy and administration among various cabinet and supervisory officials of the local government. The City of San Francisco has over 27,000 employees, and Mr. Henderson is responsible for managing the various city departments that provide direct support to the Mayor on major issues affecting the city with an emphasis on the criminal justice system and local, state and federal partners.


Prior to joining the Mayor’s office, Mr. Henderson served as Chief of Administration and prosecutor for the District Attorney of San Francisco.  As a trial attorney with nearly two decades of courtroom experience, Mr. Henderson successfully handled alltypes of cases in the criminal justice system, ranging from nonviolent misdemeanors to serious felonies, including homicide. In addition to his success in the courtroom as a seasoned prosecutor, Mr. Henderson has years of complex criminal and civil judicial experience in the public service arena. As a leader and innovator, Paul is recognized for introducing numerous cutting-edge programs of national consequence including, a modified approach to 3 strikes, juvenile drug court, juvenile domestic violence court, drug possession court, community justice court and a neighborhood DA program.  Over the years these programs have served as model initiatives of national recognition that have contributed to the reform of the criminal justice system. Mr. Henderson’s service as Chief Administrator constitutes the highest ranking position in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office ever held by either a LGBT or an African-American male attorney.

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Mr. Henderson has developed curricula and conducted trainings for legal professionals, public agencies and elected officials across the country. Most notably, Mr. Henderson serves on the national faculty for the Department of Justice where he trains other attorneys and municipalities on how to develop and implement innovative criminal justice models. In a state poll, Mr. Henderson was voted twice (2004 and again in 2005) as one of California’s “Super-Lawyers” where his career achievements were featured in a national publication.  Known for his commitment and dedication to public service, Mr. Henderson was recently a finalist for California’s Lawyer of the Year.

Through his success working to protect victims of violent crimes and representing communities without a voice in the courtroom, Mr. Henderson has made many lasting impacts in the San Francisco Bay Area, that have

CNN goodgarnered national recognition. His combination of legal experience and an informative perspective have made Paul a sought after speaker and on air personality. In addition to his numerous presentations and trainings, Mr. Henderson regularly contributes to CNN, Fox News and is currently seen regularly as the on-air legal analyst for CBS.


A native of San Francisco, Paul worked his way through his undergraduate studies

at UCLA before venturing off to earn his Juris Doctorate from Tulane University, where he also served as class president.

Mr. Henderson is a nationally recognized speaker, veteran prosecutor and champion of civil rights. 


3 responses to “Bio: Speaker, Legal & Political Analyst, Writer

  1. Thank you Mr. Henderson for your coverage, and astute legal observation in the George Zimmerman case, and trial. In the mass coverage of the GZ trial, your analysis has seared through the rhetoric.

    As an African American Woman, Mother, Wife, Writer, Blogger, and TalkMedia Host, your presence and perspective in this overall discussion has been brilliant.

    As I said on Twitter, this case has brought to the surface an undeniable and desperately needed national conversation about race, the treatment of African American Men & so many more issues. Your voice and perspective are brilliant to navigate this must have discussion.

    I am thrilled you are in and on national media, and your perspective is being heard.

    Again, I thank you for your brilliant legal mind, and seriously significant insight.
    India DeClair, aka IDECLAIR

  2. I am stunned. But at the same time, I am not shocked, or even surprised. Does that make sense?
    I am just so deeply saddened. Maybe I am just too English (born in UK), but it is unbelievable to me, that it’s ok, for a grown man, to stalk a person, provoke & then turn the tables & claim self defense. It’s ludicrous!. It’s even beyond me that a civilian can be out walking the street armed. How many other ignorant fearful people are walking the streets armed? It’s utter madness! To add to the absurdity, Zimmerman gets to have his gun back?
    It’s insane.
    It was definitely about race, about guns, culture, ignorance & stupidity.
    I feel numbed
    Mr Henderson,I saw you for the first time on CNN, with Anderson Cooper. Your time on there was too short. I am interested to hear more of your views. I hope you will return to TV, for a regular time slot.

  3. Mr. Henderson, I was impressed by your contributions in the discussion of the Zimmerman trial with Anderson Cooper and others. I am very puzzled by the failure of most interviewees to mention Section 776.041, Subsection (2) of the Florida statutes which seems to me to provide legal grounds for at least the manslaughter charge against Zimmerman. The only out that I can think of is if there is a special definition of “provoke”. Any comments?

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